Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Exam has finally ended. Time to rejuvenate and reward myself back at home-the pearl of orient. I would like to extend my sincerest thanks and appreciation to all the people who made this year a memorable one.

1) The patients. Without them, I wouldn't have acquired any of the skills and knowledge that I have thus far. And most importantly -the art of medicine.

2) My outstandingly dedicated tutors!

3) Specialists and consultants from both the surgical and medical department

4) MOs and all the HOs that I've had the pleasure working with! Gratitude is extended to Dr Fadzli for being so accommodating and for all the feedback, direction and assistance when I needed them. Not forgetting the house officers from D2, PP1, W4 who have indeed enriched my learning experiences.

5) Ward sisters and staff nurses!- Thanks for showing me that nursing has a very special place in the health care system. And you guys are indeed indispensable!

Take care and hopefully we will meet each other again next year in my subsequent postings.