Radiograph of London Teen Stabbed..I repeat..STABBED!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

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Courtesy of Scan Man's notes

"LONDON (Reuters) - Police have released shocking X-ray images of a 16-year-old with a knife lodged in his head after a stabbing in London to serve as a warning about the dangers of knife crime.

The teenager was taken to hospital with the blade still stuck just above his eye after the attack outside a Tesco supermarket in Southwark last November.

The Metropolitan Police said the boy, who has not been named, has since recovered, although he still needs close hospital supervision.

The images show how the knife entered the boy's forehead just above his eye and the tip reached to just above his ear. Two of his friends were also stabbed during the attempted robbery outside the shop.

A wave of shootings and stabbings in London in recent months has prompted a police crackdown on young people carrying knives and guns.

Detective Constable Scott Albert said: "Anyone thinking of carrying a knife should be warned by this case. Don't be a statistic. Life is precious."

A 17-year-old, who can't be named, was found guilty of attempted murder and grievous bodily harm at Inner London Crown Court last week. He will be sentenced on October 23.

(Reporting by Peter Griffiths; editing by Steve Addison)"

Frankly, I do not know how the hell the boy actually survived. A direct stab into the frontal lobe like this would probably cause instance death, if not permanent paralysis.

I am so curious about his prognosis, blind? deaf? neck down paralysis? death after months of mechanical life support? comatose? Vegetative state?

Anyway, wish him best of luck, count my blessings. I appreciate the police's effort to release these images into the mass media, it actually serves as reminders to the public, creating awareness.

I am sure the neurosurgeon had a great time removing the knife.

Ps: According to Scan Man's notes, this is actually a CT scanogram and not an X-rays. However, I could not differentiate between both of them as my knowledge in radiology is apparently zero. Guess I'll need to do some reading up on this.

Take home message: Life is precious

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