The mad house

Friday, October 15, 2010

Just some random thoughts for the day

1) The medical ward in hospital Sultanah Aminah is indeed a mad house. You'll have patients screaming, yelling, crying even swearing from time to time. It's stressful to work in such environment, the workload is unreasonable with tonnes of blood to take, lab investigations to review, cannulae to be inserted. Worse still when you have a 10 year old dengue patient who is afraid of needle being admitted...tds FBC..argh...

2) I entered the ward when the sun has not yet risen and I went back home when the day has gone dark. Extremely exhausted to the extend that I lost my appetite for dinner.

3)I poked an elderly man 3 times, one for an ABG, inserted a branula and withdrew blood and lastly a blood CNS under strict aseptic technique. I'm sorry.

4)I love the ECG machine in D2, it is printed in A4 size, no more long messy ECG strips laying around.

5)The hospital is so poor that they ran out of reagents for TROP T, creatinine and serum calcium. This is a tertiary referral center and I believe the patients should receive tertiary specialist care.

6)My fasting blood sugar after morning round is about 3.2 mmol/L. This is the value after going around looking at 40 patients without taking a single sip of water or breakfast.

7)Lung cancer and PTB is so prevalent in this region.

8)Ascultated my first carotid bruit, and realized that clinical examination is way more superior as compared to sophisticated imaging investigations.

9)Every complaint from the patient is genuine.

10) And in medicine, what ever that happens after 5 actually makes you better.