Clinic Cafe

Monday, September 13, 2010

If you are feeling sick and not well, you need to visit a clinic to get some medication. How about if you are feeling hungry and thirsty, can you visit a clinic? The answer is YES-Clinic Cafe.

Cool huh? Overall, it would be quite a nice place to chill out, decent atmosphere, service was good. However, food was just average.


Violet said...

hey, where is it??

bennystar88 said...

what r u actually looking for?environment n not the food?i have not heard of a single good comment about the food much so so so only.i dont fancy my food been served in the kidney dish where the real doctors put the cut out tissues n blood n dead muscles on it.Yaks!Maybe they might serve yr drinks in the urinals next.,hei happy eating.,n dont puke or purge.