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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thanks for dropping by. Welcome to the 15th edition of SurgeXperiences, the only Surgical Grand Rounds that is devoted to the best surgical related posts!

Without further ado,

Dr DJ, a surgeon from Mumbai, India who blogs at “Dr DJ’s Surgical Adventures” brings us two great posts. First he chronicles about a difficult situation where things are not in their expected places.

“The doctor doing the CT suddenly yells, “Where is the doctor that managed to do this”. The intern accompanying the patient almost had a fit”

Read on to believe it for yourself!

Medical practice is not universal, medical customs and indications differ widely between countries and indeed patients’ expectations differ even more. The second piece of literary from Dr DJ sheds some light on how cultural differences between doctors and their patients are common and may have important clinical implications for clinical encounter.

“I would love to have a middle ground and say it is our duty to inform the patient that a complete medical examination is required, but how many would agree to strip down completely just for a fever?”

Next up, ER Doc over at “Tales from the Serenity Now Hospital” shares a story of complete lack of common sense.

“I try to educate my patients as much as possible on things. I don’t always do a good job when its really busy. But this time I was sure to explain what milking the prostate really is”

Over at “Two weeks on a trolley” is a post titled Dr Ima Toilet that explores the worst things that could happen to you on the wards. Read on to discover how he was peed directly into his eyeballs during a delivery, drenched in liquid poo after inserting a tablet into a child’s bottom, not forgetting an encounter where a patient approached him from behind and urinated on the back of his legs. Poor guy!

There is also a mention about a med student who gulped a piece of cadaver adipose tissue and eventually became a surgeon. Read on for a good laugh!

Romana, a plastic surgeon in Little Rock, AR reviews a journal article about “Histologic Relationship of Pre-auricular sinuses to Auricular Cartilage”. [Read Here]

With the number of injured casualties continues to escalate, MSF’s surgical units in Haiti continue to work around the clock, providing relief and treatment despite having limited staffs and resources. However as the death toll in Haiti continues to climb, frustration appears to be overwhelming as relief efforts are seemed to be slow and disorganized. [Read Here]

Over at the “Forensic Scientist Blog” that covers the life, times and interests of a real life forensic science technician, he explores how forensic scientists use body parts to identify and perform criminal examinations of the deceased. He highlighted the role of prosthetics implanted by surgeons as well as scars from routinely performed operation such as appendectomies are indeed handy in aiding the process of identification.[Read Here]

Though I strongly believe that everyone should have access to a good defense, even I wondered how some lawyers can help defend people who have done horrendous things. When lawyers help killers and child molesters off the hooks my finding some legal loopholes, you got to ponder if they’re really upholding the legal system or merely just thinking about monetary gain and their ego.

Bongi a south African surgeon who blogs at “Other Things Amanzi”(my all time favourite) mourns over the death of his patient and rants about why he hates lawyers.

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