SurgeXperiences 315-Call for submissions

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thank you for paying a brief visit. SurgeXperiences is the one and only blog carnival that assorts the best surgery related posts in the medical blog sphere today. It was pioneered by one of my esteemed counterpart, Jeffrey Leow of Monash Medical Student who is adventurous enough to open up new areas of thoughts and bringing something new to the surgical blogging community.

SurgeXperiences was first started on 1st July 2007 and it is hosted by various hosts ranging from surgeons, anaesthetists, radiologists, students and even to patients. It is published fortnightly and each season lasts approximately a year.

The current edition, SurgeXperiences(314) is up at Suture for a Living. Yours truly will be hosting the upcoming edition (SurgeXperiences 315) on the 24th of January for the first time.

Being a fresh 3rd year medical student with minimal surgical experience, knowledge and background, it is my fervent hope to still be able to contribute to this carnival by attempting to produce a succinct post that will hopefully satisfy readers' likes.

It is an uneasy but apprehensive experience for me since this is my first post and I certainly do not want to disappoint the readers, so please bear with me while I accustom myself to how to system works.
Submissions can be done here.
Dateline : 22th of January, Friday

Here are all the previous issues of SurgeXperiences for your reading pleasure and do not hesitate to contact Jeffrey who masterminded this remarkable blog carnival-SurgeXperiences-Where we share our surgical experiences!