Thursday, November 13, 2008

It is the time of the year again where we have to bid goodbye to our fellow colleagues. " This is the last dinner that we are going to have I suppose" I said indistinctly, in a low voice. We held our glasses together and wish each of us all the best in our endeavours. Inevitable sense of sadness filled the air, string of images and thoughts were forced into my mind. Strings of nostalgic feelings overwhelmed me when I thought about the good times we had together. Studying our ass off for examination together, having dinner together practically everyday, arguing over stuffs that do not make any sense. It is indeed a great year with you guys around me. Year 1 is never going to be enjoyable without you guys.

The MuMeds dinner is one of the highlights of the MuMeds's social events. I would say It is the biggest event ever organised by the society and certainly the most glamorous but then again, I was kinda disappointed on how disorganised the plannings of the event can be.

The dinner is for all the year 1 and year 2 but I took it as an opportunity for 5 of us to gather together for the one last time. It is a brilliant excuse for me to dress up nicely and to prove that the blazer that I bought 1 year ago was a good investment albeit I only wore it twice since last year.

The dinner was held in Bread & Olive, a local restaurant up the hill that offers a bird's eye view of KL city. The scenery was truly captivating. Looking down from the top, we took pictures with one another. Dinner was then served, accompanied by the music, we had our last dinner together, chit chatting as usual. While talking about the plans that we have for the coming holidays, we were amazed by how fast time flies. We promised to keep in touch and headed down to the balcony to have our last photo session before the bus departed.

It was indeed a great night with breath taking scenery. Looking forward to see you guys next year and I am sure year 2 is gonna be extraordinary for all of us.


Veman Lim said...

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