The 3 things that made my day

Friday, November 28, 2008

1) This is something that has definitely elevated my mood. Read about It before, nothing could exaggerate my emotional well being out of proportion other than having a close look at It with my bare eyes.

2) Attended Shan's New Year Celebration at the Chinese Assembly Hall. Witnessed an undivided and unbroken unity among the refugees which no longer exist among Malaysians. The tight spots and predicaments that they have suffered when they are trying to earn a living in this country truly bring to the consideration and notice to me that, I am truly truly blessed in every way that I could think of.

3) Back in Penang for good. Took a 2 weeks off and I declare myself officially on holiday. Looking forward to the trip to Hong Kong next week and of course the chance to share my experience in the arena of medicine with my juniors during alumni night.


yingxuan said...

what's that? hemorrhoids?