Saturday, February 27, 2010

The reason why I make it a point to drop by my designated ward everyday(at least for the morning) is not only to clerk patients for my learning, learn new procedures and etc, but also to experience bizarre incidents that could really baffle and puzzle my mind as a medical student. I often walked out from the ward smiling, telling myself I've enjoyed my day.

While I was doing my routine tasks in the ward this morning, I get a whiff of something burning. The cubicle was quiet as the visiting session has just ended. At first I thought I was having some problem with my olfactory bulbs and thus having some "smell hallucinations". But when it got stronger, I turned around and saw the bed of a patient burning in flame. Relax, it was just a small one at the side of the bed, not to the extend of burning the patient alive.

I alerted the nurse and she passed me a jug of water, I then splashed it on the bed to put it out. The climax is when the HO came to interrogate to find out who was the culprit. The nurses found a cigarette box underneath the pillow of the neighboring patient. But he denied. The nurses got upset and asked me to give his shirt a smell, LOL!

One of the housemen then came and threatened that they are gonna collect saliva samples from the cigarette butt found on the floor and determine whose DNA it belongs to. But still, her effort was futile as both the patient and his neighbor denied all the way.

Thank god he didn't smoke near the oxygen supply, I might not come out from the ward alive.