Double Medal Honours

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Two scientists from PHI in Victoria are to receive medal honours from the UK Society for Endocrinology. The awards recognise their major personal contributions to international hormone research.

Professor Peter Fuller, Associate Director and Head of the Steroid Receptor Biology Laboratory at PHI, is to be awarded the 2011 Hoffenberg International Medal. The award, which is made to an endocrinologist judged to have made outstanding contributions to hormone research, also promotes international collaboration between researchers.

The award highlights Professor Peter Fuller’s international reputation as both a clinician and a scientist. Peter’s research interests lie in understanding the molecular mechanisms of steroid hormone action. He has led studies that focus on the adrenal steroid hormone aldosterone and its role in hypertension and cardiovascular disease. His laboratory also studies the molecular pathogenesis of granulosa cell tumours of the ovary. Both Evan and Peter will travel to the UK in March 2011 where they will give their medal lectures at the Society for Endocrinology annual meeting

I reckon another cake day is on the way to celebrate Prof Fuller's achievements. A knowledgeable clinician with an absolutely humble character. Still cant believe I'm going on ward rounds with him tomorrow.

On another note, I just realised that I haven't been doing what I am supposed to do since I landed in Melbourne. - My virgin visit to the club! Who is up for it?


Jasmine said...

i thought you don't drink?? mm.....going to club just to get laid.....when you are not drinking?? lol.....i doubt you will get laid might get rape though....haha