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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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It is not shocking. I indeed predicted it.

Every year, thousands of top scorers throughout the nation are vying for a career in medicine. But do they really has what it takes to become a good doctor? I still believe there are flaws that need to be addressed and look into promptly in the process of selection in order to select only the ones with the passion.

By the year 2015, the amount of doctors is going to be one-fold of the amount of doctors today. By then, we would be begging to get hired. It might sound ridiculous, but we might ended up fighting with the nurses just to draw a patient's blood.

For those who are interested to have medicine as their life long career:

If you are a money seeker, fortune hunger kind of person. I would suggest you to leave this journey immediately before you realize that you have made the biggest mistake in your life once you reach the age of 40. This is because there are no doctors who became a millionaire by juggling his time between on calls, assisting deliveries during the wee hours of the morning, struggling to open his eyes after a continuous 36 hours of duty.

If you are looking for job security and employment upon graduation. I suggest that you join the uniform forces for eg the military or the police forces. They need you badly. Based on the news report above, medicine is no longer a prestigious or a profitable career.

Even in the first year itself I realized that if you want to excel in medicine, you need to be grounded. Long hours of mugging, memorizing is inevitable. Trust me, it is sometimes frustrating and totally unrewarding.

Since the competition is so immense right now, I have no choice but to agree with the fact that: Only the fittest survive.


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